You may remember that an Xbox 360 version of independent developer Biart‘s spearfishing adventure game, Depth Hunter, with Kinect support was announced back in March. Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news

It looks like the Xbox 360/Kinect version of Depth Hunter 1 may have been cancelled. Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures Announced For Kinect! kinect news special Biart haven’t actually announced that it’s been cancelled but there has been no new news about it for months, there’s now no mention of any console versions on the Depth Hunter 1 page of Biart’s website and they have recently announced on Facebook that the Linux and Mac versions have been cancelled:

So we are announced Depth Hunter 2. What is our plans? We cancelled Linux and Mac ports for Depth Hunter 1 and plan to port only DH2. Why? Because Dh2 is based on the new version of engine. The same situation is with release for consoles. Now team is 100% focused on DH2. If game will be approved on Steam, we plan to release special Steam edition. About updates like shop, trophies – we decided to include them in DH2 and give special access to our DH1 customers. We are gong to post regular updates about our progress. Depth Hunter 2 is the complex diving adventure game. So spearfishing is one of the core cd d game elements.

I suppose it’s possible it may turn up on XBLA like their sci-fi shooter Deep Black (which hasn’t got Kinect support unfortunately), so you can keep your fingers crossed but don’t get your hopes up.

The GOOD news

The reason Depth Hunter 1 may have been cancelled is that Biart have just announced Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures for Xbox 360 with Kinect support! Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures Announced For Kinect! kinect news special Here is Biart’s press release:

Biart announces a Depth Hunter 2 game with motion controllers and touch screen devices support

Take part in an underwater adventure from your favorite device

September 17, 2012 – Delaware, North America – After the successful launch of Depth Hunter, Biart announced the second part of the game – Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures.  Additionally, this will be the first game based on Biart’s proprietary tech, biEngine 2.0, and will be available for mobile devices.

In the game you play the role of a diver, a real underwater hunter and an explorer of secrets that oceans, wrecks and lost cities hide. This is the first multiplatform game about the underwater world and underwater extreme sports. The project is aimed at people that love seas and oceans, as well as at professional and amateur divers, fans of underwater hunting and other water sports, thanks to its graphical realism.

A player comes into the game’s world as a beginning diver with standard equipment. While completing tasks, the player earns money that he can spend to improve his equipment, to buy additional services, etc. Also each player has a set of skills which he can improve to be strong in the virtual world: e.g., his experience level, stamina, health level, accuracy, agility, etc.

Depth Hunter 2 will be available for PC with Razer Hydra, Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect, Sony PlayStation 3 with Move, and iOS.

“After the first part of the game had been released, we studied feedback from our customers to make the sequel decent. Now players have diving equipment and can dive in unique parts of the world. We don’t implement complicated control system and try to make it work smoothly on mobile devices. At the moment we have finished the project’s pre-production and are negotiating with potential publishers. I am sure that gamers and 20 mln PADI divers around the world will love Depth Hunter 2”, says Konstantin Popov, CEO of Biart Company LLC.

For more information, please visit

Here’s a little more info from Biart’s website:

- diving simulator with amazing atmosphere
- 6 huge locations around the world
- Treasure hunting
- Fish hunting
- Crabs hunting
- Underwater photo hunting
- Free diving
- Library with different species
- Motion controllers support – Sixence Razer Hydra®, Sony Playstation Move®, Microsoft Kinect®
- Optimized for Intel Ultrabooks
- High quality 3D with NVIDIA 3D Vision

- PC: Windows 8 with touch controls, Windows 7
- Apple iOS
- Sony Playstation 3 (PSN) with Sony Move support
- Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect


They also released the first screenshots which you can see in the gallery below.


Source: Biart's Official Website, Biart's Spearfishing Facebook Page

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