We’ve already seen the trailer from Grasshopper’s upcoming Xbox Kinect gameCodename D‘, and we had confirmation that is was going to be a hardcore game, but now we might know the official name of this highly anticipated game. It could very well that the game will be named Diabolical Pitch! Read on to find out more information.

Diabolical Pitch

Grasshopper (Killer 7, No More Heroes) recently received the rights to the name “Diabolical Pitch“. There is no official confirmation from the company that this is the real name of the Codename D Kinect game, but since it starts with a D and has the word Pitch in it (the trailer features a guy hitting a baseball), chances are high that this is in fact the official name.

Check below for the trailer.

We’ll report as soon as we know more about Diabolical Pitch and whether this is the official name for Codename D. What do you guys think? Could this be the name for this game? And if so, do you think it suits the trailer? Let us know in the comment!