DiRT 3 chief designer does not see potential of Kinect kinect news

DiRT will probably never have Kinect support DiRT 3 chief designer does not see potential of Kinect kinect news

DiRT 3‘s chief game designer Paul Coleman said some pretty unfortunate things about Kinect in an interview with Eurogamer. The designer is unconvinced of the potential of Kinect and thinks that traditional controllers will always be the primary way of playing racing games. More info and why I think he is wrong after the jump.

Kinect not for racing games

Paul Coleman is saying that the traditional controller will never be replaced by something else, when it comes to racing games. I can see what he means there, as I too prefer a controller as opposed to the way Kinect Joy Ride does it.

But Paul also said that he doesn’t see the benefit and potential of head tracking! He says:

I’m not even convinced by head tracking because you’re turning your head to look away on the screen, but you still have to look at the screen. All you’re doing is looking out the corner of your eye, which isn’t helpful. Maybe if you’ve got multiple screens it might improve things, but I’m not convinced by head tracking.

In my opinion head tracking is something that is going to make racing games so much more fun. Being able to look into corners is something that will make racing games more realistic, immersive and easier!

According to Paul it’s not going to work because you’ll be moving your head away from the screen, but as I understand it head tracking will work by translating tiny head movements into bigger movements in the game. You’ll only have to move your head a little bit to be able to look into corners and I don’t think the player will ever look away from the screen.

Head tracking in action

Head tracking is since long being used by gamers that play flight simulator games. Check out below how accurate and handy it can be:

And as you can see by the video below not much head movement is needed:

So Paul Coleman: please reconsider your statements and please implement Kinect head tracking in the DiRT series, it would make the game so much more awesome!

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