Remember when Microsoft showcased their integration of Windows Phone 7 and Kinect? It included a video of Kinect Adventures where players both used Kinect and their Windows Phone 7 devices to play the game.

Well, hackers took this idea and created a dodgeball game that is played by Kinect, an iPhone and an iPad. More info about this awesome technology after the jump!

Kinect + iPhone + iPad = insane dodgeball fun

This hack shows a game where one player stands in front of the tv and has to dodge balls by using the Kinect sensor as an input device. Nothing new right? The thing that is new about this is where the balls come from…because they are sent into the game by other players, by using an iPhone or iPad!

This is in essence the same as shown at the Windows Phone 7 presentation, just that it is using the iPad/iPhone. Check out the video of this Kinect hack below:

It’s pretty cool that it’s possible with any iOS device (as a lot more people own an iPad/iPhone than a Windows Phone 7 device), but this technology will of course only be available with Kinect on Windows. I do hope to see a lot more of this once the SDK comes out!

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