In a video interview with Kotaku, the developers from Lima Sky revealed their Kinect version of the popular smartphone game: Doodle Jump, to the internet. In the interview, Igor Pusenjak (i.e. the creator of the Doodle Jump game) explains how he and Lima Sky changed the game to be a better fit with the Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Differences to the mobile version

The changes that the team made going from Mobile to Kinect Doodle Jump, outlined in this interview are:

  1. There are checkpoints in levels (i.e. your progress will be saved up until the last checkpoint instead of having to start all over again)
  2. The levels won’t be randomly generated, but pre-designed and programmed
  3. On the Kinect controls, Kotaku writes: “Sidestepping navigates your hopping Doodler between platforms. You can set off an EMP blast to knock out oncoming grenades with the motion of a clap. If you find a pair of wings laying around, and you can fly through the level by flapping your wings (arms).” This means, no jumping as “that [jumping] would kill your knees,” according to Mr. Pusenjak.

Sounds like a cool Kinect platformer! Checkout the source link for some gameplay action.

Source: Kotaku