Tim Schafer has revealed that Double Fine are making a sequel to Happy Action Theater – a Kinect experimental game that you either hate or love. Here’s what was said in a report by SF Weekly.

“Of course, what passes for work inside Double Fine might resemble play at other companies. Schafer sidles up to a duo testing what looks like a computerized funhouse mirror. He wiggles from side to side, and the screen shows him rippling like a sine wave. He turns around, and his virtual body corkscrews.

They’re building the sequel to Happy Action Theater, a “video toy” published by Microsoft this year. It uses Microsoft’s Kinect controller, a camera that transforms body motion into videogame action. In a recent meeting, designers spent two hours brainstorming different outlandish sequences for the game, such as one where a fox plays bongo drums on a series of eggs, out of which hatches a miniature version of the player.”

Excellent, more fun to Xbox Kinect! Keep ‘m coming Shafer. As soon as we know more about release dates and specific contents of this sequel: we’ll let you know!

Source: SFWeekly
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