Kinect Party

In possibly the quickest videogame re-naming in history Double Fine Productions have announced at PAX Prime that Double Fine Happy Action TV, the sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater, is now called Kinect Party. Why they dropped the original recognisable franchise name for a totally generic sounding one I’m not sure, maybe there’s already a product out there somewhere in the world already improbably named Double Fine Happy Action TV? Lol!

Eurogamer have posted a preview from PAX Prime, here are some excerpts that include head of Double Fine Productions Tim Schafer and artist Drew Skillman talking about some less family-friendly content thought up for the game but was ultimately cut to keep it suitable for young children, although they say they would like to make an “after dark” version:

The sequel also includes 18 new levels as well as the original 18 for owners of the first game. New stages include a dubstep level, a fairy forest, a giant bathtub and a stage set in the rain where lightning strikes turn players into skeletons.

While the unsuspecting title will be appropriate for all ages, the comic geniuses at Double Fine hinted that they’d like to do an adult-themed version.

“We’d like to do an ‘after dark’ version” said Skillman, who admitted that a cut concept included a level that made players shoot explosive diarrhea from their bottoms anytime they’d bent over.

Tim Schafer added, “Let’s just say that we have a system that allows you to attach objects to characters such as extra limbs or body parts, and some of them are not meant for family.”

“I mean they’re very involved in the nature of family, in a way, but they’re nothing that could be considered family entertainment.”

That’s right. The game had dicks. One could see how this was cut (ouch!).

“We care about the kids and would not like families to be traumatized by playing one of our games,” Schafer said.

My favourite adult concept that Skillman hypothesised wasn’t sexual or violent at all, but involved having scary things happen only when one player would be present. Then people would drag their friends over to show them the offending terror only for it to not happen with another person present. Then they’d look crazy, which is probably more terrifying than anything in the game, actually.



Source: Eurogamer