There had been some speculation about a possible Dragon Ball Z game for Kinect in the past, but now it seems like this is actually very much real because a Dragon Ball Z Kinect game has just been rated by a Korean rating board! The game is simply called “DragonBallZ KINECT” and is going to be published by Bandai Namco.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect

I’ve actually watched the Dragon Ball Z series (when I was young, it’s a bit silly now that an entire episode can be about some dude powering up) and I also played a fair few of the games. The best DragonBall Z game I played though was not an official one, but an unofficial mod for Quake 3 called Bid For Power.

This mod was basically just a 3rd person multiplayer shooter but with DragonBall characters and elements. You could fly around, power up, shoot kamehameha’s, and generally just move around the arena at amazing speed and agility. It was a great game and I really hope that this Kinect game will be something like Bid For Power too!

Check out this video of the Quake 3 mod Bid For Power (it’s an old game so don’t mind the graphics).

I’d love to be able to fly by sticking my hand up in the air, or make a Kamehameha gesture to execute the move, or frantically punch in the air to perform melee combat. This game could work very well and I really hope that Bandai is putting the effort in this to make it great. Bring it on!