Last week we found out that all the rumors surrounding the mysterious Dragon Ball Z Kinect game were actually true! The game still remains a mystery as there has been not a single press release, screenshot or video released, but now on top of its confirmed existence we have a release date!

Dragon Ball Z Kinect Release Date

Dragon Ball Z Kinect was recently rated by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). In contrary to the Korean website that rated it before the BBFC has “Dragon Ball Z For Kinect” as the official title. It might be that this title is still a working title and that it will change upon release.

The BBFC gives away but a single piece of interesting information, the release date, which is apparently the 15th of June! The game is rated 12 and contains frequent moderate violence.

So now we have a confirmation of the game and a release date, but nothing else. So Namco Bandai, bring on the screenshots!

Source: bbfc