The Kinect re-release of Dragon’s Lair will bring an overwhelming flood of nostalgia to gamers like me (yes I’m that old already :p) but will probably also appeal to anyone who hasn’t played it yet. In any case, Dragon’s Lair for Kinect is a great idea and I’m eagerly awaiting its release. And when that is…is now set in stone. The release date for Dragon’s Lair is know, and it’s pretty soon!

Dragon’s Lair release date

The release date for Dragon’s Lair Kinect was just released and gladly it’s actually not so far from now. This iconic game will release next month, on May 18th to be exactly. This is only three days after this years biggest title: Diablo III releases, so I hope that many gamers can rip themselves away from Diablo and play a bit of Dragon’s Lair.

Dragon’s Lair will be playable with both Kinect and a regular Xbox controller, so anyone with an Xbox 360 will be able to relive this epic tale. Can’t wait!

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