Ubisoft is on a roll when it comes to Kinect games. They recently released the excellent Rayman Raving Rabbids and soon their latest game with Kinect intergration is coming out: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Now it turns out that Ubisoft has more in store when it comes to Kinect, because a LinkedIn profile revealed something very interesting!

Ubisoft Reflections and Kinect

According to the LinkedIn profile of an Art Lead at Ubisoft Reflections the studio is working on a super secret confidential game. We don’t know anything about this game yet, just that it is in development for Kinect! What kind of game it will be? We have no idea!

Ubisoft Reflections is probably most well known for the Destruction Derby and Driver series, so this new game might be a driving game! Still, they are currently working on Far Cry 3 so this doesn’t have to be true. Anyway, it’s exciting to see how Ubisoft is giving Kinect a ton of love and I’m really curious as to what game this is!

Source: cvg