343 Industries really did a great job at keeping the Kinect features of upcoming Halo CE remake to themselves. Many times when they had a press release we were hoping to get a bit of info on the Kinect functionality, but all things Kinect remained quiet every single time. Then we went to Gamescom to the exclusive Microsoft presentation and since it was so Kinect heavy and Halo CE Anniversary was going to be showcased we were absolutely sure the Kinect functionality would be revealed…but again, no such thing. But now, that has changed, because 343 Industries announced three different Kinect features for Halo CE Anniversary!

Kinect Features Halo CE Anniversary

So the first thing that was announced (and we actually already knew a bit about this) is Voice Commands, not only will you be able to use your voice to switch the graphics styles (classic graphics to new graphics) but you’ll also be able to reload weapons and throw grenades. This is not necessarily a ground-breaking feature (I think this is actually pretty counter intuitive) but might be very welcome to new Xbox players that struggle with all the different buttons that have to be pressed at exactly the right moment in the heat of the battle. Personally I think I’ll prefer to stick to button presses, but you know, maybe it turns out to work like an absolute charm.

The second feature that was announced is Analyze Mode, which allows you to fill your virtual library with items from Halo. It works by pointing your crosshair at an object and saying the word “scan”. Doing so will add it to your library and as it grows you’ll have a comprehensive library to all things Halo.

The third thing that was announced is that the Library can be navigated via gestures.

Video explaining it all in detail

Check out the video below, it explains the Kinect functionality in detail!


This might be me, but I think these features are really rather disappointing. It is not revolutionary, nor does it really add much to the gameplay. Kinect is merely being used as an alternative method of player input and not something that really changes the gameplay experience. I really hope that these three features are not all there is, and that 343 is holding back some big Kinect suprise. Only time will tell…

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