Less than 2 weeks before the E3 2011 and after the creation of the xbox@e3 dedicated website, Microsoft has sent out badges for their big conference to the press members. The sticker gives us hints of games that will be revealed.

We clearly recognize the lightsaber, the name of Luke Skywalker and the famous “May the force be with you” for Kinect Star Wars and the car leads to Forza 4. But you already know about these games.

Games revealed at E3?

Could the “Spartans Unite” be Codename: Kingdoms? And the guitar be related to Harmonix new game? Does the thunderbolt represent Kinect’s Powerup Heroes?

Non-kinect games are also shown, of course among those are: Halo, Portal, Gears of War, Batman and Tomb Raider.

Are you seeing other kinect games? Let’s speculate folks!