We’ve already seen that in Mass Effect 3 you will be able to use the Kinect sensor to pick conversation options by speaking them out loud! This is nice and makes the game a lot more immersive I think. But a Kotaku writer found out a way to think about this to make it make even more sense!

You are the voice!

Bioware’s Silverman explains how the whole voice control aspect should be interpreted to let it make perfect sense:

Think of yourself as the angel and devil on Shepard’s shoulders.

Brilliant! That indeed makes perfect sense, you whisper something into Shepard’s ear and he/she reacts based on that. I think when you think about it like that you really have the idea that you are guiding Shepard along your chosen path. I like it!

Voice for blazing fast battles!

There is more to voice than just selecting dialog options. This is what is possible:

  • Switching weapons (just call out the weapon you want to equip)
  • Getting help (it really helps now to yell out in panic!)

Because of you might not ever have to pause a battle anymore!

Mass Effect might not have that much Kinect support, but the support it is getting is a very welcome and immersive addition to the game. Good going Bioware!

E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 You are the voice inside Shepards mind! e3 2011

Source: Kotaku