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Rare’s studio manager Scott Henson said in an interview earlier: “We’re going to make using your voice much more front and center – we’ve just scratched the surface on that.”

Voice control prominent

As it is part of Microsoft’s Game Studios, Rare is expected to take the stage during Microsoft’s E3 conference next week and a source close to Rare tells 123KINECT that the creator of Kinect Sports is working towards a big E3 demo where the voice aspect takes center stage. Or, in his words:

[Rare's] working very hard on a big demo at E3 that will involve the voice aspect far more during gameplay.

Another Spring Update?

For voice control to properly work outside the US, Microsoft would have to make the Kinect software work with the different dialects and even languages around the world. Even though Microsoft first said it was going to support it in the recent spring update, the company still has not updated voice control to work outside the US/UK and some other countries (unless you use our temporary fix). A software update would do the trick, unleashing voice support outside of the currently supported countries.

Besides voice control there’s more going on at Microsoft, as the modern chat room that is Avatar Kinect still hasn’t launched while it was originally planned for May 27th. Also, there are rumors about an ‘Xbox Live Diamond‘ entertainment membership release being announced at E3 2011.

Recently, Microsoft released Kinect supported Netflix and Hulu off the regular release schedule, so why not put Avatar Kinect, Voice Control and support for the Xbox Live Diamond entertainment in one Kinect software update? It’s still spring after all.

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