If I had to pick my top three of favorite TV series then BBC’s Top Gear would definitely in it, and if I would have to pick a favorite racing game I would run to my game cabinet and proudly show you my copy of Forza 3! It doesn’t come as a surprise then that I am totally and utterly excited about the collaboration between Turn 10 and Top Gear. We now have more info about how this will play out in the final game!

Jeremy Clarkson

We already knew that Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson would be lending his voice to Forza 4. Now, thanks to oxm we know that Jeremy Clarkson will be giving individual car tours!

Jeremy Clarkson gives a tour of each car, and it’s full editorial. He wrote it, he said it, we don’t even edit it! He adds a level of humor to the game that is very Top Gear. He’s damn funny, even in the US his humor translates. I’m sure the manufacturers are not going to be very happy about some of the things he says, but we love him, it’s hilarious.

This must be the ultimate way to get to know more about the cars you are about to drive! I’m loving this and I hope that it will be available for every single car!

Integration throughout the whole game!

But Clarkson’s voice is not the only Top Gear thing in Forza 4, there will be much more! Xbox magazine is reporting that Turn 10 got a multi-year partnership with Top Gear and thus they’re throughout the entire game! There is of-course the Top Gear track but there is much more: Top Gear will be in the career aspect of the game, the community aspect of the game and probably in a lot more!

There is no more info about the Top Gear integration at this moment but I’m sure there will be more soon! One thing I’m hoping for is a ‘Top Gear style cinematic mode‘. The thing about Top Gear that always strikes me is how well they shoot the car and how awesome their color grading and post production is. If I can watch my race in Top Gear style…well let’s say I would be very happy with that! Can’t wait to hear more about all this!

Source: Official Xbox Magazine