We expected that this E3 would finally give us heaps of info about upcoming Fable: The Journey. Unfortunately so far the only thing we got was this tiny trailer, and well that is not enough! Fortunately we’ve got a bunch of new screenshots for your viewing pleasure, still not much more info though E3 2012: New screenshots for Fable: The Journey kinect news e3 2012

Fable The Journey Screenshots

What these new screenshots do show however, is that the world of Fable: The Journey is actually insanely beautiful, and that the graphics are of a very high standard! We’re also seeing dragons, new monsters and what seems to be a huge boss enemy!

There’s still probably a lot to do before Fable The Journey is finished, but judging from these screenshots the game is starting to look very good!

Below you’ll find all the screenshots we have for Fable, the first 7 are brand new!