Your Shape Fitness Evolved was one of the original launch games for Kinect, and was a game that made many people very wild for the Kinect sensor as it finally provided for a way to get very accurate feedback from a fitness game. Then, a year later there was Your Shape 2012, which made the whole franchise even better.

And now, again a year later, there is Your Shape 2013, as has just been announced by Ubisoft at their E3 2012 conference. But there is something weird…they only announced it for Wii U!

Your Shape 2013

So Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 was just announced by Ubisoft, but just for Wii U. We think that Nintendo has kinda pushed them to do that to market their new console and we are sure that this title will also of course come out for Kinect. As for now we don’t really have any info on the game yet, but we’re sure that will start coming in once the E3 goes into overdrive. Stay tuned!