During E3 several trailers were released for Kinect games and games with Kinect support. Check them out!

Kinect Sports Rivals

Microsoft showed off the latest instalment of Rare’s motion – controlled sports compilation franchise, called Kinect Sports Rivals, which is exclusive to Xbox One with Kinect2. Kinect Sports Rivals both new Kinect 2 versions of old sports from Kinect Sports 1 and 2 and brand new sports, for example: soccer, climbing, wake racing, target shooting, tennis and bowling. You can play in a variety of ways including full – body, partial – body and seated and Kinect 2 will track not only your limbs and hands but also your fingers and facial expressions. Kinect Sports Rivals is scheduled for release on the launch day of Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3

At this year’s E3 it was revealed that not only is the latest game in Capcom’s open – world zombie – fest, Dead Rising 3, going to be Xbox One exclusive but also that it supports Kinect 2! The Kinect 2 features include motion – controls during grapples, voice commands to control survivors and taunt enemies and zombies can hear and respond to noises in your room!

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon does not have full Kinect support anymore and it now requires a controller.


Microsoft announced a new game called Below which is exclusively for Xbox One and supports Kinect. Not much is currently known about Below but the main enemy, simply known as Darkness, is an artificial intelligence – controlled character that uses Kinect 2 to sense and change level progression based on your room’s surroundings.

Max: The curse of brotherhood

Microsoft revealed Max:The Curse of Brotherhood, exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360. Players use Kinect to guide Max through a mystical, blighted fantasy world, using powerful magical abilities to overcome puzzles and enemies and save his kidnapped little brother Felix from a giant monster before it’s too late. The game allows Kinect owners to use the magic marker in a whole new platforming experience.

Furthermore, Ryse: Son of Rome is no longer a Kinect game will feature Kinect voice recognition so you’ll be able to scream “Arrows!” and “Shield!” during battles.