Bioware’s “Better With Kinect” fantasy action-RPG sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition was shown at this year’s E3, first with their main E3 trailer at Electronic Arts’ E3 Conference, which you can watch above. Then they also released another trailer that introduced the hero characters, which you can watch below:



Dragon Age: Inquisition Stage Demos

Bioware also held Dragon Age: Inquisition stage demos at E3. You can watch two stage demos below, the first video is by GameSpot and has an interview with and commentary by the game’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah and the second video is actually leaked video recorded off-screen of the behind-closed-doors stage demo which is also presented by Mark Darrah, so if it gets removed at some point you’ll know why!

Dragon Age: Inquisition GameSpot Stage Demo


Dragon Age: Inquisition Leaked Behind-Closed-Doors Stage Demo


Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released this year on October 7th in North America and October 10th in Europe for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 and will support both consoles’ Kinects with voice commands.




Source: Dragon Age YouTube Channel, GameSpot's YouTube Channel, ChandlerUSMC's YouTube Channel