At Microsoft’s E3 Conference Team Dakota revealed the above new trailer for Project Spark, their “open-world digital canvas” game creator, which featured a surprise at the end, Conker! Yes, you’ll be able to use Rare’s smart-mouthed squirrel as a playable character to create your own Conker adventures!

Also, each day of E3 Team Dakota released more Project Spark videos about multiplayer including a co-op campaign called Champions Quest, the Champions characters themselves, a new sci-fi theme pack called Galaxies and a new fact sheet with more info, all of which you can see below:


Project Spark E3 Day One: Champions Quest


Project Spark E3 Day Two: Galaxies


Project Spark E3 Day Three: Multiplayer Announcement


Project Spark E3 1 Hour Twitch Livestream


E3 Fact Sheet


“Project Spark”

Fact Sheet

June 2014


Title:    “Project Spark”

Publisher:    Microsoft Studios

Developers:    Team Dakota

Format:    Digital Download, Xbox One and Windows 8

ESRB Rating:    E10+

Price:    Free Digital Download 1

Availability:        Fall 2014


Product Overview:

”Project Spark” brings imagination to life in an open-world, digital sandbox that enables anyone to create, play, and share whatever they can imagine.  In the “Project Spark” beta on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, more than one million creators have crafted tens of thousands of new games available to anyone to download, play, and remix. As part of developer Team Dakota’s commitment to continually bring new content and features to the game, they have announced new sci-fi content “Galaxies”, a co-op campaign called “Champions Quest”, and four-player multiplayer functionality in play and create modes. Team Dakota also introduced Champions, powerful characters with unique attacks, skills, and equipment that evolve through play. All this will launch this Fall when the game moves from Beta to full release on Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

Additionally, Team Dakota announced that the lovable, irreverent squirrel “Conker” will return to video games within “Project Spark”, putting the power in players hands to continue the Conker legacy.

“Project Spark” is the ultimate digital playground for creative gamers of all ages, available on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 as a free digital download1 with multiple options for enhancing your creative experience. It’s a powerful, yet simple way to build and play your own worlds, stories, and games. Share all of your creations to a dynamic community, and play what the community makes. “Project Spark” brings creation to life and presents endless opportunities for play.



Create, Play, and Share

Find inspiration in creations developed by a global community. Download, play, and even remix games to add your own ideas. Play the epic tale of Champions Quest, where a tiny but powerful Spark recruits an army of champions to confront an ancient world-devouring virus that threatens to destroy the universe, and take game creation to new worlds with the introduction of “Galaxies”, the new sci-fi theme for “Project Spark”.

Multiplayer 2

With 4-player simultaneous creation and play over Xbox Live, multiplayer in “Project Spark” revolutionizes the way people will create, play, and share with one another. Unlock a universe of games you can play with your friends. Competitive shooters, cooperative dungeon crawlers, MOBAs – there’s no limit to what you can play or create with each other. Quickly and easily transform any game into a multiplayer experience with a simple remix of a game level. Powered by Xbox One, multiplayer lets players create independently while seamlessly collaborating on the same canvas. Create, remix and play on your own or with a friend.

Endless Opportunities

Play, be inspired, build and share across Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Experience new environments, characters, episodes, and features  released by the “Project Spark” team on a regular basis. Download and discover the possibilities: Use in-game purchases to get more of what you love. Earn Creation Credits to unlock content for free, earned by playing, building, and sharing. Or, purchase Tokens to unlock content directly, providing faster ways to enhance your gaming experience.



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1 Additional in-game content will be sold separately
2 Only available on Xbox One; Xbox Live Gold membership required, sold separately.



The Project Spark Beta is available now to download for free for Xbox One and Windows 8 devices here: and the full game will be available also for free this Autumn on those systems as well as the Xbox 360 at some point. Currently the Xbox One version has been confirmed to have Kinect 2 support for performance capture for characters’ animations, audio recording and voice commands.




Source: Project Spark's YouTube Channel