E3 2015: Minecraft HoloLens Live Stage Demo

At Microsoft’s E3 conference they had another live stage demo of their AR HMD, Microsoft HoloLens, this time focusing on gaming. Unfortunately they only demonstrated one game though, Minecraft HoloLens, which you can watch above. As you can see you can play multiplayer with someone else on another device, such as the Microsoft Surface tablet in the demo, and the HoloLens player can walk around the outside of their Minecraft world, get up close and look into it and control the game using motion controls and voice commands.



Halo 5: Guardians E3 HoloLens Experience

There was no mention of whether HoloLens would be used with Xbox One, although Microsoft did show a tech demo called Halo 5: Guardians E3 HoloLens Experience behind closed doors and have now released some screenshots from it along with a short video which you can watch below:




Hopefullly Microsoft will not only show more HoloLens games at an upcoming event, such as Gamescom, but also reveal a release date, price and whether it will be used with Xbox One and/or Kinect 2 or possibly if there will be a cheaper and simpler version for Xbox One that just has the display and HPU and uses Xbox One to process all of the games itself.

Are you a Minecraft fan who’s impressed by Minecraft HoloLens? Or just a gamer in general excited by HoloLens’ gaming potential? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: The Official Xbox YouTube Channel