E3 2017: Microsoft Disappoints Kinect Fans Again!

Microsoft held their E3 2017 conference yesterday, which you can watch above (it should start at the right time, if not then skip to 34:20), but once again they thoroughly disappointed Kinect fans by not only a total lack of Kinect games but also no Xbox VR/MR announcement! Xbox Scorpio was fully revealed, with it’s name changed to Xbox One X, but not only was there no Kinect 3 announced for it but it’s not even bundled with Kinect 2 and requires an Xbox Kinect Adapter for Kinect 2. They didn’t even show any Windows MR systems or VR games for PC at that conference or the PC Gaming Show today despite previously saying at their Build 2017 conference that they would reveal more at E3. Maybe something will be shown later this week somewhere.

My advice to people thinking of buying Xbox One X is to wait until they at least reveal VR/MR for it, unless you really need to have the best graphics versions of games right now, or rather on November 7th when it’s released. It will cost £449 (UK) €499 (EU) / $499 (US) so it’s a little expensive, but a lot cheaper than the equivalent PC required to run for example Forza Motorsport 7 at 4K 60fps which was revealed at the show for all Xbox Ones and PC.

What’s crazy is that Xbox One is now the only current generation console with no new first-party motion-controlled games announced and haven’t had any since Voice Commander which is only officially available in North America, so Kinect Sports Rivals is the last full first-party Kinect 2 game released worldwide. Both Sony’s PS4, with PSVR games, and Nintendo Switch, with games like ARMS, have first-party motion controlled games. Not only that but the Switch version of Skyrim has motion controls (not sure about voice commands) whereas the Xbox One version doesn’t even have the voice commands that were previously added to the Xbox 360 version! Microsoft have totally dropped the ball considering Xbox One originally launched with Kinect 2 bundled with all consoles so had the potential to lead the way with advanced motion controls.

All is not lost for Kinect 2 this E3 though since it has only just started so 3rd parties could still announce some new games. So keep your fingers crossed!

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Source: The Official Xbox YouTube Channel