E3 2017: Will Super Lucky’s Tale Eventually Support VR?

At Microsoft’s E3 conference they revealed a 3D platform game called Super Lucky’s Tale, the trailer for which you can watch above. I instantly recognised it was a Lucky’s Tale game before the title was even revealed as I had seen the character before in the original Lucky’s Tale which is an Oculus Rift exclusive VR game. I got excited and thought this was going to be the part of the show when Microsoft was going to announce a VR system for Xbox One X. Alas, it just seemed to be a normal flatscreen game as there was no VR announcement.

However, later that day on GameSlice TV’s E3 stream Geoff Keighley interviewed Paul Bettner, the founder of Super Lucky’s Tale’s developer Playful, and asked if it would support VR as well and Paul said “We’re not talking about that right now.” which strongly suggests that it will eventually support VR! If not then wouldn’t he just come straight out and say no? For example, I asked Rare if Sea Of Thieves would support VR or have any Kinect features and unfortunately they just came straight out and said no.

You can watch the interview below and it should be cued up to the VR question, but if not it’s at 01:17:



Do you think Super Lucky’s Tale might eventually support VR and do you hope Microsoft will at least announce Xbox VR before the release of Xbox One X? Let us know in the comments below or create a discussion in our All Other Kinect Topics Forum.


Source: The Official Xbox YouTube Channel, GameSlice TV's YouTube Channel