EA announced during the Microsoft E3 presentation that their Fifa franchise will get Kinect support in the future. The first Fifa that will make use of Kinect will be Fifa 13 (so not the upcoming Fifa 12). A recent interview between Eurogamer and EA showed why it is not going to make Fifa 12, it’s because EA themselves are still experimenting with Kinect and don’t actually know how they are going to implement it. What the do know though is that they really like the current controller based control scheme and don’t want Kinect to mess with that.

Fifa 13 and Kinect

The interview between Eurogamer and EA Sports vice president Andrew Wilson was very revealing in how EA is currently progressing with their Kinect implementation. Andrew explains that they are looking for a way to implement Kinect without fundamentally changing the current control scheme:

What we’re looking for,” he added, “is how can a Kinect experience be additive to that without de-focusing or de-prioritising that core 11 on 11 twitch gameplay that happens on the pitch which, to be frank, the controller does a very good job of facilitating.

It however doesn’t seem that EA is very far with their implementation of Kinect. As Andrew points out that the team is still very much experimenting with stuff:

Based on some of the new technology in the SDKs we’re getting, there’s some things we can do there that give a greater granularity of control and fidelity that we didn’t know were there. That points to what I think could be a very promising opportunity for us.

So for now it remains unclear as to how Kinect will be implemented in Fifa, just that players that don’t want to play Fifa with Kinect have nothing to worry about.

How do you think EA will implement Kinect into Fifa 13?

Source: eurogamer