For those of you who enjoyed EA Sports Active 2.0 but found it too heavy, we have good news! EA Sports Active 2.0 has DLC available called “Nike Low Impact Started Pack” which includes simplified versions of the previous exercises and activities, especially put together for low impact users.

“Nike Low Impact Starter Pack” is available as DLC

The “Nike Low Impact Starter Pack”  is a 2 weeks fitness program which includes 5 new exercises. The program focuses on building core stability, cardio endurance and strength while performing low impact fitness exercises. Because of their essential role in avoiding sports injury, plenty of warm up exercises and cool down stretches have been added to this program.

The EA Sports ActiveNike Low Impact Starter Pack” has been released on 18th January and can be downloaded for 400 Microsoft Points from Xbox Marketplace.

If this is still too hard for you but you’re committed to getting fit, then make sure to read our special article on weight loss. Have a fun workout!

Do you think this DLC is a nice addition to the initial training from EA Sports Active 2.0? Would you like to see more DLC coming out for EA Sports Active 2.0?

Thanks TheZeeMan for contributing to this news.

Source: Xbox Marketplace.