Dragon Age: Inquisition’s EGX Developer Session

I was at this year’s EGX London where I attended the Developer Session for Bioware’s “Better With Kinect” fantasy action-RPG sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition which featured a trailer, a talk about the game’s art and gameplay in the form of a walkthrough which showcased two forms of combat. Unfortunately there wasn’t actually any gameplay using Kinect demonstrated or talked about. Although I recorded Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Developer Session, EGXTV’s recording of it includes direct feed footage of the game so I have used that video in this article instead and you can watch it above.

Here is a brief description of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s combat from Wikipedia:

Inquisition will also feature two forms of combat system. The first is reminiscent of that which is found in most action-RPG’s, including Dragon Age II. This system is action oriented and follows the player in a typical over-the-shoulder third person style. The second is closer to that of an old RPG, including Dragon Age: Origins. This combat system allows players to pause the game, assign locations and orders to the characters in their group and then resume the game to see it played out. During the use of this second more strategic combat system, the camera will be closer to that of a top down view, instead of the usual over-the-shoulder third person style of the action based combat system. This combat system is named Tactical View and also allows for the placing of traps while the game is paused.



Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released this year on October 7th in North America and October 10th in Europe for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 and will support both consoles’ Kinects with voice commands.




Source: EGXTV's YouTube Channel