At this year’s EGX London I watched the full 20 minute Quantum Break demo played live that was previously only shown in full to press behind closed doors at Gamescom, but now shown to the public. (Although I did actually have a press pass.) Unfortunately recording wasn’t allowed so you’ll just have to watch the above video of the first half of the Gamescom demo that Remedy released last month, if you haven’t seen it already.


Remedy have finally released the full video, commentated by Quantum Break’s Creative Director Sam Lake, which I’ve replaced the previous video with, so you can watch that above!

As you can see Quantum Break looks incredible, not just the best looking Xbox One game but probably the best looking console game period! And the full demo not only looks even better played live rather than a compressed YouTube video, but also also had more gameplay as they showed some platforming sections after a ship crashes into a bridge as seen in previous trailers.

Will Quantum Break Support Kinect 2?

The reason for this article is that after the demo I asked Remedy’s CEO Matias Myllyrinne (I think it was him, apologies if I’m wrong) if Quantum Break had any Kinect 2 features and he just smiled and said “We’re not announcing anything yet.” Now this isn’t exactly a confirmation but the fact that he smiled, used the word “yet” and didn’t deny any Kinect 2 support gives us at least a bit more hope than before that Quantum Break will in fact have some Kinect 2 support. Remember, you read it here on 123KINECT first!

Do you hope that Quantum Break will support Kinect 2 in some way? Are you planning on getting it regardless? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, for anyone who may not have seen Quantum Break before and don’t know what it’s about here is a fact sheet and a few more trailers, the first featuring live-action footage from the Quantum Break TV show that’s included on the disc, plus a behind the scenes ViDoc. All the graphics are real-time in-game graphics running on Xbox One, apart from the live action scenes obviously:


 “Quantum Break”

Fact Sheet
May 2013


Title:                      “Quantum Break”

Publisher:           Microsoft Studios

Developer:         Remedy Entertainment Ltd.

Format:                Exclusive to Blu-ray for the Xbox One video game and entertainment system

ESRB Rating:    Rating TBD

Price:                      $59.99 ERP1

Availability:        To be announced at a later time

Overview:           Developed exclusively for Xbox One, “Quantum Break” blurs the line between

television and gameplay, integrating the two into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience. From Remedy Entertainment, the critically acclaimed creators of “Alan Wake” and “Max Payne,” comes a revolutionary entertainment experience that weaves the cinematic action of intense gameplay with the tension and drama of scripted television, creating a world where each has a direct impact on the other.

In “Quantum Break,” our desperate hero fights a highly personal battle to save the future before time literally runs out. As time breaks down, impossible, split-second moments of destruction turn into epic stages of time-powered action. The actions you take, and the choices you make, shape your experience as the narrative unfolds. As you play, a personalized “director’s cut” of the show is created just for you, based on the decisions you make during the game.

“Quantum Break” will lead the new generation of interactive entertainment, as the show and game deliver a holistic entertainment experience made possible only on Xbox One.


About Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment Ltd. is a privately held developer of state-of-the-art action games, game franchises and cutting-edge technology. Highly acclaimed franchises include “Alan Wake” and “Max Payne.” They are global success stories, enjoying adaptations from books to Hollywood movies.

1 Estimated retail prices. Actual retail prices may vary.







Source: Remedy Entertainment Ltd's Vimeo Channel, The Official Xbox YouTube Channel