Ellen DeGeneres is into Kinect too! kinect news

Ellen DeGeneres is following into Oprah’s footsteps and has also started to actively promote Kinect. Ellen even put up a special page about on her website. The page states shortly what Kinect is and why it is so awesome and also features a video of Ellen having a crack at Dance Central. She is also giving away a Kinect bundle to ten lucky winners!

Whether you’re a gamer or not, anyone can play and have a blast! You’ve seen Ellen have fun with it on the show, and now she’s giving her online fans a chance to win a Kinect for Xbox 360 bundle!

See below for the video of Ellen DeGeneres playing Dance Central on Kinect.

Ellen DeGeneres and Kinect

For local availability of the Kinect Sensor or bundle check here, for more info from your local shop on Kinect‘s dancing game Dance Central check here. For a full list of games available for Kinect check here.

What’s your view on Kinect’s presence in TV shows like Ellen, do you feel it will bring a lot of new gamers to the Xbox platform?

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