Majesco is currently developing a Twister video game for Kinect! Majesco’s Chief Executive Jesse Sutton told Reuters its goal with Twister is to prove to investors that the company is not a one-hit wonder and that it can achieve success outside Zumba Fitness (a game that combines dancing and fitness).

Digital Knots

On Twister,Majesco’s chief marketing officer, Christina Glorioso said: “This is using your full body as a game piece.”

The Twister video game will cost $49, and appear in stores on November 1. It will have 16 styles of play including the “party play” mode that was popular in the 1960s. Another mode of play allows participants to duck and dodge shapes that pop up onscreen (similar to Kinect Adventures I guess). Up to eight people can play at once, with Twister’s familiar color-coded instructions tying its participants up in digital knots.

“Twister is definitely one of the products we see as a major potential hit,” Sutton said, adding that Majesco plans to market the game aggressively with live events and television commercials.

Source: Reuters Via: Joystiq