The second game I actually got to play at this year’s Eurogamer Expo was Capcom’s open-world zombiefest sequel Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One which supports Kinect 2 but unfortunately they were all switched off in the booth so I couldn’t check out those features and just used the joypad, which feels really great by the way! Also the Xbox One I was playing on crashed at the start but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise because otherwise I would be telling you how I wasn’t able to get any footage of the game as they didn’t allow filming in the booth, but since everybody was only given about 10 minutes to play the demo and my Brother was with me playing the demo next to me it meant that he finished his go before me (as they gave me about 10 minutes from when they got my demo started again) so he sneakily pulled out his phone (which can record video in 1080p!) and recorded the last couple of minutes of me playing, which you can watch above. Bear in mind even though it’s 1080p it is a phone’s camera so it’s not quite as good quality as my videocamera plus it’s in a dark booth, so the video’s quality doesn’t quite reflect the quality of the actual game’s graphics which look a lot better if you see them in person. Also, since he only managed to catch the last few minutes he missed most of the best stuff like me cutting zombies in half with the sledge saw (you combine a sledgehammer with a chainsaw), but caught some footage of the torch (flashlight) which I liked the graphical effect of but only found out later that you could turn into a lightsaber laser sword by combining it with crystals you could pick up at a jewllers, doh! He also took a photo earlier of the booth and end of the queue which was around an hour long!

Dead-Rising-3-booth-EGX-2013_624x468(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image)

Since I only had 10 minutes and didn’t know if the demo actually had any specific objectives I just spent the entire time zombie killing. (Or re-killing, as they’re already dead, well un-dead at least, lol!) The controls are very responsive and I never had the frustration that you can often get in games where you’re surrounded by enemies and get stuck as the controls aren’t fast and fluid enough, instead I could quickly and easily fight off the horde no matter how intense it got, although I still got grabbed a few times but that’s expected in this type of game, however it never felt unfair and it was easy enough to break out of. (No doubt it will be harder and more overwhelming by design as the game progresses.)

The only issue I had was the weapon select/combo wheel menu which uses the right thumbstick, I felt it was a bit awkward and finicky to use, especially when surrounded by zombies, but it’s possible that it could be fine once I’ve got used to it since I did only have around 10 minutes of playtime so it wasn’t much time to get used to something like that. Also as far as just selecting weapons goes you can use another button to switch to the next one like in other games so I just did that most of the time.

As you can see in the video the frame-rate issues that were in earlier demos have been fixed so the graphics now run perfectly smoothly no matter how many zombies were on screen at once and/or how far you can see. Also I was told that apart from the obvious increase in graphical capabilites, including the massive increase in RAM, one of the reasons that the zombies were more varied compared to the previous Dead Rising games is that each zombie’s body parts (including faces), level of decay and clothing are randomly generated allowing for an incredible amount of variety. They’re also supposed to be internally anatomically correct so that when you attack them the area that is wounded or cut off has the correct insides showing/falling out, lol! There’s loads of blood too and it stains everything including you and your clothing, but it eventually fades away which looks odd, although then again if it didn’t then you’d be running around as a totally red figure throughout the entire game, lol!


Kinect 2 support

As I said earlier Kinect 2 wasn’t actually switched on for the demo but I did get a chance to very briefly chat to one of the guys from Capcom (I think) who not only confirmed the voice recognition, which you can use for things like giving commands to survivors as well as distracting zombies, but also explained the motion-controls. Unfortunately the motion controls are a bit more basic than I had expected as I assumed that you could engage in a bit of melee/unarmed combat during grapples, like for example in the demo there were times where I could curb-stomp zombies as a finishing move after breaking free of grapples by pressing a certain button and I said to my Brother that I expected that you could do the move for real (minus the zombie obviously, lol!) if Kinect 2 was switched on, but when I asked the guy from Capcom he said that you can’t do that and that all you can do are shaking free motions and pushing the zombies away during grapples. He said he didn’t think gamers would want to move around too much and have motion controlled combat, that they’d rather just sit down and play mostly with a joypad. I disagreed of course and said I’d love a fully Kinect controlled (or hybrid with just using the joypad to navigate) Dead Rising game, lol! :p

After the demo you got to have your photo taken with a zombie (actor I presume, lol!) against a greenscreen in a combat pose then superimposed onto the game’s most common artwork, which you can see below. Mine was stabbing the zombie in the back with a big knife or machete (not sure which as it was a prosthetic prop already in the zombie’s back), but unfortunately you can’t see most of it as the zombie’s hand is in the way.


Dead-Rising-3-EGX-2013-photo_624x415(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


So all in all it was a fun little demo, despite not being able to use the Kinect 2 features on the day, and if the full game is good as the previous Dead Risings then it should be well worth picking up when it’s released exclusively for Xbox One on launch day, November 22nd. I’m certainly convinced by not just this demo but everything else I’ve seen and read about the game as I’ve already got my Day One Edition of Dead Rising 3 pre-ordered! 😀