Kinect Adventures has been created by Good Science Studio, a part of Microsoft. We’ve had a chance to talk to the head of Good Science Studio: Shannon Loftis. People who said that girls, let alone moms, can’t make it in the gaming industry may now leave the room, as Shannon knows all there is to know about Kinect Adventures!

The result of this lengthy interview where most of your questions are answered: Six pages of Kinect talk, what more could you possibly wish for?

Welcome Shannon Loftis

Q: Welcome Shannon, could you please introduce yourself and tell us what it is that you have been working on lately?

I’m Shannon Loftis, and I’m the head of Good Science Studio. Good Science is the team that created the original Ricochet and Paint Party demos that were used to introduce the world to “Project Natal” [the codename for the Kinect Sensor] back at E3 of 2009. We were lucky enough to be in on the ground floor of Kinect development and made the first game for Kinect: “Kinect Adventures,” which is included with every Kinect sensor sold starting in November. [Wat is Kinect? Pricing and availability here.]

Kinect Adventures Trailer

Below is the trailer of the Kinect Game that Shannon’s team has been working on.

Please find Shannon explaining what Kinect Adventures is all about to her mom, in the next page.