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Q: Given that Kinect Adventures can be seen as collection of “mini games”, how have you tried to bring depth to the gameplay in order to sustain longevity?

First of all, there is a ton of content in the game already. Aside from the adventures, there are several other ways to explore the gameplay including specialized modes, and Xbox LIVE (including Achievements).

Additionally, “Kinect Adventures” is really a game that is meant to appeal to people on many different levels. The activities are designed to be approachable the first time you play them, but to be appealing for replay once you gain skill. For instance, you may spot a cache of pins that is just out of reach on your current River Rush level. You’ll want to go back, re-explore and go for the platinum medal the next time.

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Kinect Adventures - up and on your feet!

Finally, we really did need to think about Kinect games slightly differently than, say, a “Fable III.” Thinking about the fact that you are up on your feet, using your legs and your arms and your torso to play the game, we felt it was important to scale the length of each individual experience as well. So individual game levels are bite-sized, but you can still play for hours. We’ve had people become quite fit while developing this game!

Q: Are there any planned expansions for this title e.g. DLC that may include extra adventures?

The only additional content that we are currently talking about are the pre-order levels. If you join in certain pre-order programs, you will receive tokens for additional gameplay.

Q: Can you give an example of an Achievement you can pick up in Kinect Adventures?

We have the full range of Achievement points in “Kinect Adventures.” Keeping in mind that some people playing will not know what Achievements are, we reward some of them quite early in gameplay, as fun way to say, “hey! There’s this cool thing called a Gamerscore.” So you get an Achievement for playing side-by-side with someone, and you get 10G for going back and looking at one of the cool pictures you took. But then there are Achievements that are tied to long-term commitment to the game, like “Solid Gold” – you get 50G for earning a gold medal in all advanced Free Play levels. Not easy! We also, of course, have a few hidden Achievements.

Q: Are any of the activities in Kinect Adventures multiplayer? And is Xbox Live supported for multiplayer?

Everything in “Kinect Adventures” can be played multiplayer either side-by-side in the same living room or over Xbox LIVE. Kinect also has the capability to track up to eight players signed in, so in a party situation eight people can take turns playing. It’s a pretty cooperative game, and Achievements and rewards are shared among all who are signed in to play, so it’s great fun.

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