Kinect Adventures

Q: First off, for those of us that don’t know: Imagine that you are talking to your Mom on the phone: How do you explain to her what Kinect and Kinect Adventures are all about?

I’d tell my mom that finally, she can use Xbox 360 and not worry about learning buttons and controls. Kinect reverses the normal person-machine paradigm: instead of learning the machine, Kinect learns you. You can play a DVD using your voice, or get up and off the couch and jump right into a game that makes you more fit!

Kinect Adventures - Space Port

Kinect Adventures - Space Port

Q: Have your kids beta tested Kinect Adventures? And if so, can you give an example of how they helped improve the game?

My kids were among the first 1,200 people that we had in to test Kinect. They have played quite a bit, of course, but there was one day in particular that they came in to help us iron out issues with tracking kids. They played for four hours, and I told them I would give them a dollar for every issue they found that we would fix. Little did I know I’d be out $19! They were in heaven.

Q: Some say there are twenty activities in Kinect Adventures, others say there are five: could you please tell your loyal fans just how many activities there will be in Kinect Adventures?

There are six core activities in the more than 20 Kinect Adventures. An “Adventure” is a single unit of gameplay. It consists of a series of activity levels, all wrapped together with a common goal, which is often in and of itself an activity. So, you might play an adventure that combines a level from River Rush, a level from Space Pop and a level from 20,000 Leaks. When you win it, you unlock a new activity: such as a Yeti living statue.

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