Kinect Voice Recognition and Kinect Adventures

Q: Will Kinect Adventures exploit the voice recognition features that the Kinect Sensor offers?

You can use the voice feature when recording your Living Statues.

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Kinect Adventures - Living Statues - Use your Voice!

Q: If you had more time, what would you add to the game and why?

I feel great about the game’s scope and content and I think people are going to have a lot of fun with it when they get to play the whole thing. We have many more ideas that we’re working on now – some may become available for Kinect Adventures, some may turn into a new game.

Q: What is the difference between Kinect Adventures and some of the other motion control games out there?

Kinect is so totally unique that it doesn’t make sense to compare it to existing technologies. I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in development since it was a (literally) duct-taped technical prototype driving just a skeleton man made of balls and sticks. We got that original version into user research with real consumers right away, and people giggled and were dazzled.

When we got avatars in, and added goals and gameplay, we just saw delight on people’s faces. It’s empowering, in a whole new way, to use your arms and legs to drive your avatar on screen. You’re not learning a complex button scheme, or trying to combine a complex button scheme with physical motions – you are doing what comes most naturally to you. See a ball? Kick it. See a hurdle? Jump over it. Totally intuitive, and totally fun.

Wondering which urban Kinect myth Shannon is going to debunk, then read on and find out on the next page of this interview!

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