Imagine world that allows you to travel 300 miles, where people still believe in magic and things are a lot more mystical then you’re used to in the world of technology and innovation. Imagine a world where you’re able to create your own weapons, and fire of powerful magic spells. Once you’re in that world, it’s not so hard to imagine running into a couple of friends and foes from the first three Fable‘s. That’s sort of the main idea of the latest Fable in the series: Fable The Journey.

You’ll be making The Journey in the next Fable together with your horse, with which you will have a similar relationship as with your pet dog in Fable II and III. Using tech taken from Kinect Milo, the horse will respond to you as you’re able to control it using your hands and your voice, while you’re sitting on your couch. This horse, and carriage you’re in, is the main mode of transport in this Kinect game. However, there’s at least one more form of moving around that the guys from Lionhead Studios don’t want to go into now, and we would be delighted to hear what that is.

For a good impression, and some more details on the game get a look at the video below!

Fable The Journey Gameplay Presentation (E3 2011)

Below’s an interview with the creative director of Lionhead Studios, Peter Molyneux, regarding Fable The Journey:

What the presentation above shows me is that developers are creative in the use of the Kinect sensor, and show its versatility. Who would’ve ever thought that you could be taking place in a carriage behind a horse and look around the world of Albion? This, while other developers are engaging in Fruit Ninja, Blackwater and Ghost Recon that clearly show very different ways of using Kinect in games. Well, did you get a chance to see the video above? What did you think of the presentation?

Molyneux stated that they are expecting this game to hit the retail stores in 2012, but he couldn’t make any promises on that date yet. I personally expect October 2012.