EA announced that they are currently working on their latest installment of Family Game Night. The game is going to be called Family Game Night 4: The Game Show and will feature six ‘enhanced’ versions of popular Hasbro games. The good news about this…? The game will have Kinect support! According to EA the game will have full motion control with Kinect and can be played by two players simultaneously.

The Family Game Night Games

The six games will be totally new version of their non-digital counterparts and are sure to provide plenty of entertainment for the whole family. The six games in question are:

  • CONNECT 4 Basketball
  • SCRABBLE Flash
  • SORRY! Sliders
  • YAHTZEE! Bowling
  • BOP-IT Boptigon
  • MONOPOLY Crazy Cash Machine

So how will this game play. Well Mark Blecher, Senior VP and General Manager of Digital Media and Gaming at Hasbro says:

“Playing Family Game Night 4: The Game Show will feel like a live game show is unfolding in your living room, delivering excitement, anticipation and competition. Innovative digital gameplay combined with the incorporation of elements that reflect The Hub’s popular Family Game Night TV game show will launch players from the couch to their feet to engage in a high-energy Family Game Night showdown.”

Family Game Night 4: The Game Show will be available this fall and will feature full motion control with Kinect!

So what do you think? Are you excited about Family Game Night getting Kinect support, or would you rather see something more serious? Drop me a line in the comments!