famitsu1 Famitsu: The Kinect booth from Microsoft a great success


- Famitsu

So, there you go. One of the most influential (although declining) game magazines in Japan, Famitsu, declared Microsoft Kinect a great success at the Tokyo Game Show 2010. In their article they also explain that the Kinect stands was one of the busiest on the TGS. What you should know about Famitsu besides the fact that they are influential in some way, is that they are usually very good at predicting a hit:

Famitsu awards the “courtesy score” — which used to be all nines and a ten, and is now all tens and a nine. When Famitsu KNOWS a game is going to sell 2 million copies in a week regardless of what they say, this is what they do.

- Kotaku

So, this may be the 6th reason Why Kinect will ‘win’ this Christmas: Japan will love Kinect (if we can rely on the predictive powers of Famitsu once more, that is). What is your view on this? Do you think Microsoft has finally found the reason for the Japanese gamer to buy an Xbox 360?

Thanks Famitsu.

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