Fantastic Pets DLC has been released on 3rd May and it’s now available for you to pick it up from Xbox Live Marketplace. The DLC is called “Fantastic Pets Wings DLC Packs” and can be downloaded for 240 Microsoft Points. The size of the DLC is 78.90 Mb.

The DLC for Fantastic Pets has 10 additional achievements with a total of 235 points. The list of achievements is available at the end of this post.

Fantastic Pets has been released in mid-April and is

the only video game that lets players create the pet of their dreams – real or fantastical!

You can select one of four available species and customize your pet. Augmented reality technology made it possible for the player to join the pets on-screen and play together as the pets were real.

If you don’t have Fantastic Pets then you should definitely download the free demo also available on Xbox Live Marketplace and if you like it, then check for pricing and availability at your regional web store. The demo is 401.03 Mb and can be downloaded from here.

The DLC has been made available in less than one month after the game release. I’d say that we should get ready to see a lot more downloadable content coming for Fantastic Pets and hopefully some free one as well.


Fantastic Pets Wings DLC Pack achievements

There are 10 achievements with a total of 235 points.

Two tone canine 20G
Play the Take Off! Activity with a black and white dog.

I has colors 15G
Give every part of a cat (feet, ears, tail, body) a different color.

Dressed to win 40G
Win a Saturday Talent Show while your pet is wearing one of the new fantastic pet costumes.

Throw it all away 20G
Get your GEM count to zero.

First-class flier 30G
Collect ten or more GEMs in one session of the Take Off! Activity.

100% missed 15G
Collect no GEMs at all in one session of the Take Off! Activity.

Feline failure 20G
Score no points and collect no GEMs in a single session of the Take Off! activity with a cat.

Pet squadron away! 30G
Play Take Off! with a cat, dog, lizard and pony.

Frequent flier 30G
Play the Take Off! Activity 10 times.

Committed to the look 15G
Customize a pet with new choices from the extra customization options.


Source: Xbox Marketplace; Xbox360Achivements