Besides the cutesy Kinectimals video game, the Kinect game family genre will be expanded with Fantastic Pets later this year. THQ’s previously announced title Fantastic Pets now got its first screenshots.

Checkout the Fantastic Pets Screenshots gallery after the break for a better idea of the in-game pet editor that comes with this game.

Fantastic Pets Screenshots

Unfortunately, none of the augmented reality features that sets Fantastic Pets off from the competition are shown in the screenshots above.

A description of the game was provided by the publisher, back in October, for your convenience:

Fantastic Pets brings a world of adventure into the living room. Players start with four domestic animals – dog, cat, horse and lizard – that can be morphed into imaginative creations from mystical unicorns to ferocious dragons. Kinect for Xbox 360 technology enables players to step inside the world and onto the screen where they can play and care for their pets. Voice recognition allows players to command their pet throughout mini-games and Talent Shows to reach the professional ranks of a Pet Trainer. Players can unlock news items and activities, in addition to taking pictures of themselves and their pet to share with family and friends

Fantastic Pets is being developed by Blitz Games Studios and is scheduled for release on March 15th 2011.

What’s your favorite pet from these screenshots?