TechRadar had an interesting article on Xbox 360 and Kinect. In it, a Blitz Games‘ (already quite the experienced Kinect game developer, known for: Fantastic PetsYoostar 2The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout) studio design director John Nashsays the following:

[...] entertainment junkies and of course the development paymasters still need to see the killer app to establish the genre and prove the theory – this is the challenge to all game designers. Speech is also a very compelling goal as a control method and even hand and finger gestures are not now out of the question.

In the article, he also states that Kinect can allow for more compelling augmented reality experience beyond that of the immediate pet and party games (like Fantastic Pets) if only someone put in the money to support advanced software techniques.

Kinect Finger Gestures

We’ve discussed finger gestures before, but a small recap: to see fingers properly, Microsoft would at least need to update the software that controls the Kinect.

Being a Kinect website with a history, we were able to trace back this issue. As early as November 2010, Philip Oliver of the same game development company Blitz Games would even go as far as saying that transmitting the information needed to see fingers with Kinect is not possible with the Xbox 360′s USB port:

The Kinect sensor is quite a high resolution camera so we actually asked Microsoft that we have access to the higher res picture. But they can’t give the full resolution picture, at the full framerate, because of the USB 2.0 connection. It’s just the technicalities of the Xbox.

In my view, with the right amount of software compression and some bright minds, it should be possible for Microsoft to transmit the information needed for a higher resolution that is able to detect fingers. What’s your view on finger detection for Kinect? Do you think that the upcoming Kinect games are going to need it?

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Souce: TechRadar, thanks CorellianRogue