IGN have posted a video of the first 25 minutes of Capcom’s Kinect 2-supported open-world zombiefest sequel, Dead Rising 3, which will be available at launch for Xbox One. The video features commentary by IGN’s Mitch Dyer and Executive Producer of the game Capcom Vancouver’s Josh Bridge along with the first footage of Kinect 2 motion-control being used! Well, you don’t actually see him using it as it’s just direct footage of the game but you hear them mention that it’s being used when he uses it to push off zombies. The game also has voice recognition for not only voice commands but also for distracting zombies, plus Xbox SmartGlass support that turns your smartphone into a… smartphone. (Or any mobile device compatible with Xbox SmartGlass.) As in it gives you apps for things like calling in air strikes plus at times characters will actually call you! As you can see the game is looking great, especially when you consider that it started off as an Xbox 360 game, and judging by my hands-on preview I think it’s going to play just as well as it looks!




Source: IGN's YouTube Channel
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