Once in a while there there are people that do something very cool with Kinect that is completely not game related. The above video is an example of this: The guys from CorridorDigital created a video that combines real live footage with CG animation. Guess what the CG animation was made with… Foot Loose: Made with Kinect kinect news

Foot Loose

What you see in the above video traditionally would’ve either taken countless hours of animation or some crazy expensive motion capture equipment. Now, with the Kinect sensor, it’s super easy and inexpensive! If you look at the “Making Of” video you’ll find out that CorridorDigital just used Kinect, 3D Studio Max and some other software to make this. Check out the Making Of below.

Does anyone know any more of these little videos made possible by the Kinect sensor? I quite like these!

Thanks to 123KINECT visitor yaniv for submitting this news!