We’ve heard many concerned voices from hardcore Forza fans about the Kinect steering of the game. They thought that holding your hands up in the air to play an accurate driving simulation is surely not the way to go. Fortunately, Turn 10 (the developer of the Forza series) thinks about this the exact same way.

Kinect Steering is just for fun

According to an interview between Nowgamer and Turn 10 the Kinect steering in Forza 4 is most definitely not the way you are supposed to play the primary career, in fact, you can’t even play the main part of the game with the Kinect steering! Turn 10 recognizes their game is about giving you an accurate driving simulation and experience and thus the biggest chunk of their game should be played with an actual steering wheel (or the Xbox controller for the less hardcore).

So what part of the game will you be able to play with Kinect steering? Well the split-screen mode of course! This is also the mode that I see Kinect as the perfect way to spice up the experience and make it more fun. Play this mode with your children or your friends and you get that fun that Kinect offers together with the hardcore driving engine of Forza 4!

According to Turn 10 the freeplay mode of Forza 4 can also be playing with the Kinect steering, so if you do really like this mode you have all the freedom to drive any track with any car using the Kinect method.

In a sense Forza 4 will simply be for a much larger audience than the previous Forza games and this is just a very good development.

Anyone here that is planning to play the game with the Kinect steering? Or are you more enthusiastic about the other Kinect feature?

Source: NOWGamer

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