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Forza 3 will have Kinect support!

Forza, being one of the top selling games on xbox, has been rumored to get Kinect support. Noone was sure what would happen to Forza and its Kinect support, but we have been tipped about some interesting information regarding this racing game! Read on to find out more about Forza and Kinect support!

We’ve all been awaiting any news on Kinect support for forth game in the Forza series, because it would get Kinect support. Unfortunately there is no news on Forza 4, but instead we can tell you someting very exciting about Forza 3!

Forza Motorsport 3 Kinect Support

Our own Dp247 found out that has added a mysterious ‘Kinect: Forza Motersports 3‘ game, essentially indication that Forza 3 will be re-released with Kinect support! This is awesome news because it will probably include a whole bunch of features that will make racing games on the Xbox a whole lot more immersive (did anyone say head tracking?).

I am very excited about this game and will most definately buy it to see what Forza 4 might bring us in terms of Kinect support. What do you guys think about this? Will Forza 3 with Kinect support redefine the racing genre, or do you thing we’ll have to wait for Forza 4? Please let us know in the comments! Please refer to the Kinect Games List if you’re not fully up to date yet regarding Kinect’s upcoming games for 2011!

Earlier, Microsoft said that older games will not be upgraded to support Kinect.

Thanks Dp247!