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FRU Is Still Alive And Coming This Summer!

Independent developer Through Games’ innovative hybrid (Kinect 2 + joypad) puzzle-platformer FRU has been MIA since E3 2014, leading people to worry that maybe it had been cancelled. Well worry no more since not only is FRU still in development but it has made a lot of progress since the last time we saw it as you can see in a couple of teaser screenshots below which Through Games released sfter their announcement that they are planning to release the game for Xbox One this Summer! They didn’t announce a specific date but no doubt that will be coming soon along with a lot more media, so keep checking 123KINECT as we will have all the information as soon as we get it as always.


If you’re fairly new to Kinect/Xbox One then you may not have heard of FRU since there hasn’t been any news about it since 2014. It is a puzzle-platformer that is a hybrid Kinect 2 game, which means it requires both Kinect 2 and a joypad to play. The first version of FRU was originally created in just 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014 using Kinect 1 and a PC, but since then has become an ID@Xbox game for Xbox One that obviously uses Kinect 2.

Here are brief descriptions of FRU’s gameplay from its press kit and Xbox Wire along with the E3 2014 co-op trailer which was from an extremely early build of FRU so doesn’t represent the current much more advance state of the game, it just demonstrates the basic gameplay concept:

“Fru” is a Kinect based puzzle platform.

To understand how the game works, you’d have to imagine two pieces of paper on top of each other, each one containing a different platformer level.

In a normal game, you’d only see the top one.

In Fru, we use the outline of the player’s shape to carve a hole in the first paper and reveal the second one.

That way you can use both levels to solve the current puzzle and proceed to the next room.

“FRU” by Through Games – “Fru” is a Kinect-based puzzle platformer in which the player utilizes both a joystick and their body to control the game. In fact, in “Fru,” the player’s silhouette is used to reveal what lies beneath the world at first glance. “Fru’s” gameplay changes according to the player’s shape, pose and movement.


FRU E3 2104 Co-op Trailer


Are you looking forward to FRU and glad to know it’s still in development and on-track for release? Let us know in the comments below or in our Kinect 2 Games Forum.




Source: FRU Twitter