fru dutch game awards 2016 title

FRU Wins Big At Dutch Game Awards 2016!

A big congratulations to independent developer Through Games as not only is their innovative hybrid (Kinect 2 + joypad) puzzle-platformer FRU the highest scoring Kinect 2 game on Metacritic and in the top 10 highest scoring Xbox One exclusives of all time but last night it won 3 “Owls” at this year’s Dutch Game Awards in Utrecht, Holland! Not only did it win the Best Entertainment Game Design Award but it also won Game Of The Year and the YouTube Choice Award, both of which were voted on by the public.

You can see photos of Through Games’ Christiaan Bloemendaal (blue & white striped t-shirt), David Oppenberg (red shirt) and Christian Kokott (checquered shirt) at the Dutch Game Awards along with a close up of their 3 Owls below:

fru dga 2016 best-entertainment game design

fru dga 2016 gamer nl game of the year

fru dga 2016 design goty youtube choice owls


Is FRU your favourite Kinect 2 game? Did you take part in the public vote? Let us know in the comments below or discuss it in our Kinect 2 Games Forum. You can even write your own FRU review in our Kinect 2 Game Reviews Forum.




Source: Dutch Game Awards Facebook page, FRU's Twitter