Recently Executive Producer Ben Vale, of HalfBrick Studios, was interviewed about the upcoming Fruit Ninja Kinect and when asked why brick Fruit Ninja to Kinect when it’s already on a bunch of platforms already, his response was:

The thing is you know Fruit Ninja, you are a ninja that slices fruit so why not bring it to a platform where you can actually be a real ninja, use your whole body and really bust out your ninja moves [...] everyone has been telling me its the most responsive Kinect game they’ve ever seen.

Additionally, he also went on to state “[...] that they made sure that its works with everybody: tall, short, even little kids.  It works with everyone really well.”

Sounds good! See a video of the interview below and some gameplay of Fruit Ninja right here.

As developers continue to explore the untapped capabilities of Kinect, it’s not surprising to see more news on the improving responsiveness of Kinect in games. Good to hear that Fruit Ninja seems to have it down, let’s hope others can learn from their implementation!

Can you think of other smartphone games would be a good fit for Kinect as well?