Fable Legends was at Gamescom and its first appearance was the above new trailer from the Gamesom 2014 Xbox Briefing showing new Heroes: Shroud, Leech, Glory & a Hero they haven’t revealed the name of yet, plus the Villain. Lionhead Studios also announced that the Fable Legends Beta would start this year in October:


Following hot on the heels of today’s Xbox Media Briefing at Gamescom, we’re excited to announce that Fable Legends will be entering Closed Beta on 16th October 2014! If you’ve not done so, you can register your interest in the beta by visiting our website and clicking the sign up button at the top! We’ll be talking more about our Closed Beta program in coming weeks, so stay tuned for more info.


Unfortunately the Kinect 2 features still haven’t been demonstrated.


Fable Legends Video Interview

During Gamescom OXM’s Aoife Wilson conducted an interview with Lionhead Studios’ Ben Brooks (Lead Content Designer) and David Eckelberry (Game Director) for The Official Xbox YouTube Channel, which you can watch below:



New Heroes & Villain

Here are more details about 3 of the 4 new Heroes and the Villain:



Assassins live in the shadows. They are dark, mysterious and deadly individuals who move unseen, leaving only the occasional corpse as evidence of their passing. Amateurs. In Shroud’s opinion anyone who moves completely unseen and unknown is going to end up a penniless assassin; like a thin chef – a bad advert for their own services.

Shroud’s approach to killing is to do it loud and do it proud! By his reckoning, if you kill someone you should make sure everyone knows who did it, while giving them no evidence to prove it. Do it this way and you not only get repeat business, but the added benefit of averted eyes when you move through a crowded room to complete your next contract. Hide in plain sight, leave your bodies where they can be found and freeze people with a smile. That way you can dress in black silk rather than faded grey sack cloth. Shroud wouldn’t be seen dead in sack cloth.

A member of the Conclave (Albion’s best known secret society), Shroud has been trained in the arts and crafts of covert killing, alongside the day-to-day practical assassin skills of bookkeeping, villager relations, advertising, legal evasion and debt collection. The Conclave is said to have ears in every room, an eye on every person and a reach that is almost as long as its memory. This mysterious, sinister, ancient and adjective-obsessed group of assassins offers its services to anyone in Albion who requires the removal of human obstacles.

Lord or peasant, man or woman, Hobbe or Puck, none are safe from the Conclave once a contract has been signed and paid for. Admittedly, the people who say this the loudest are members of the Conclave, but anyone wishing to dispute it would be wise to think more than twice before saying anything face-to-face with one of their black-cloaked killers.




It was a dark night and the shadows were long, which was probably why Leech didn’t see the Shadowblight stalking him. As he made his way back from a particularly successful hunt for specimens, Leech was wondering cheerfully whether the sections of corpse he now had about his person could be dissected and drawn up by the weekend. He was eager to have his latest set of etchings complete. Gwyneth, the girl from the local fishmongers, was due back in town by Monday. Leech hadn’t had much luck with ladies, but this time he was certain that he had found the one.

This girl would understand his need to chop up corpses. He’d seen the way she handled a fish knife, elbow deep in blood and piscine entrails with that happy smile on her face. If she felt like that about fish, surely she could understand a man who felt that way about things with legs? Entering the darkest, most shadowed part of the forest, Leech was happy and distracted as he walked straight into the waiting Shadowblight.

The Shadowblight cornered him and cast its will to drain Leech’s life straight out of him. Leech’s romantic musings could have been the end for him had it not been for the fact he was loaded down with body parts. The dead flesh around Leech acted as barrier, short circuiting the Shadowblight’s powers so that instead of draining Leech of his life, it channelled all of its energy into the unsuspecting doctor. After thirty seconds of discomfort there was a BANG, followed by a whimper, and Leech found himself alone in the wood. Not only had he survived a Shadowblight attack, but he now found that he possessed the Shadowblight’s powers.




Daughter of a rich merchant, Glory grew up in luxury. If she wanted something all she had to do was smile, and Glory was very, very good at smiling. In fact Glory was very, very good at most things. The most intelligent, charming and accomplished girl in the town, she was, of course, loved by the ‘simple’ folk that lived there. The townsfolk made way for her when she went out into the town, they bowed, they scraped and they gave her tokens of admiration. Life was as wonderful as her skills and beauty deserved. . . At least so Glory believed.

Believed until the day she overheard a townsman mutter, ‘Does she think she’s better than us?’ ‘Think’? Glory didn’t ‘think’ she was better, she knew it. There wasn’t a girl in the town could match her in looks, a student (or tutor) who compared in their studies, not a soul who came close to her in wit. Certain of her place in society Glory would have dismissed the incident as a one off; this was obviously just a townsman disgruntled with his lot. Sadly, with her ear now sensitive to such grumblings Glory now started to hear plenty more of this sort of talk around the town. ‘Who does she think she is?’… ‘It’s easy when your father’s rich’… ‘She’s so lucky’…

Easy? Lucky? Glory might have been born beautiful and clever, but her skills were born from hard work. People were jealous of her gifts, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a hard worker. Unfortunately, when she raised this with her father, he agreed with the townsfolk; Glory was lucky. Lucky to get the things she did, lucky to have him as a father and if she damn well wanted to stay lucky, then Glory would turn her mind back to being a perfect little daughter who kept her whining, jumped-up little trap shut.

If there was anyone who worked hard, it was Glory’s father and he expected his daughter to put up, shut up and do as she was told. If she didn’t he would make sure she learned some real lessons. Glory was not only bright enough to understand this threat and how to handle it, but focused enough to mark it in her memory. If anyone was going to learn a lesson from this moment, in the long-term it was going to be daddy and the townspeople. ‘Lucky?’ What was lucky about being born so talented in such a backwater town full of, her father included, such ‘backwater’ people? Glory would show them who they really had in their midst.




Every Legend Needs a Villain

“Mothers’ care, lest babbies be, a wretched clot of villainee” Old Kingdom Saying

Heroes. Albion is full of them. Noxious, Do-gooding, meddlers who think waving pointy sticks in the air whilst looking good in leather is a calling. How tedious to spend your life camped firmly in the field of righteousness. Rescuing homely damsels, saving half-witted villagers, vanquishing the magnificently maleficent. Wouldn’t it would be much more fun to be the author of the doom of these annoying fools? Why not become the mastermind behind the many creatures, traps, hazards and foul things designed to relieve them of their pitiful lives?

As a Villain you aren’t crafting a thrilling narrative at the end of which a ‘band of brothers’ prove victorious. When those woeful wanderers enter an area, they’re on your home sod. And your goal is to defeat them by any means at your insidious disposal. Whether that’s with a well-timed fireball or invisible assassin, that’s up to you.

Perhaps you favour artistry and flair? Blinding your adversaries with a silent smoke bomb or sneaking a terrifying Goodfellow behind them. Or maybe you’re more of a do or die kind of villain? Wiping smug smirks off chiselled, heroic faces with a full frontal assault from your skullchucker army, or the crushing blow of a noggin.

Whatever your scheme, you will need all your cunning and guile to defeat them. After all, these are Heroes we’re talking about, not some ‘fresh off the farm’ villager.

Once the fight begins you’ll issue the orders for your creatures to execute: where to go, which Hero to attack and what abilities to use to ensure your evil plans come to fruition.

You might not win every time, but when you do, that victory will taste all the sweeter, warming the cockles of your heart, well if you had one that is. For what is the point of a bold beginning without a Heroic end? So do you have the mettle to be a master of mischief? Your minions await.


As announced above, the Fable Legends Beta will be available for Xbox One on Xbox LIVE from October 26th and you can sign up here: http://www.fablelegends.com/betasignup, although there isn’t a release date for the full game yet. Kinect 2 will be supported with voice commands when playing as the villain and Lionhead have also previously mentioned possible Kinect 2 support in pub games and other mini-games, although there was no mention of those during Gamescom unfortunately.




Source: The Official Xbox YouTube Channel, Fable Legends website