One of the games I got to play on GamesCom is the upcoming ‘better with Kinect’ game: Burnout Crash. In my play sessions I did not get to play this game with the traditional controller, so it will be hard to compare my Kinect experience with an alternate control method, but here’s my impression on the former.

High-score galore

Either way, as I found myself in front of the Kinect sensor, I was already controlling the car with my hands up in the air (i.e. all casual like), and the car on screen was mimicking my movements like you would expect. Once you get close to the traffic, you jump in the air and there is an explosion from under the car. After the first explosion you can control your car with your body (by stepping in a certain direction, your car will slide in that direction), on to your second blast. Using additional perks will give you advantages you can use to up your high-score, which is based on the amount of damage you deal to the environment in the game. Which seemed, besides gathering the usual achievements, the main focus of this Kinect game.

Perks may give you the advantage you need in beating high-scores with Burnout Crash

Kinect control: Jump and BOOM!

After one or two rounds of getting used to the Kinect controls of this game, the control system felt natural to me already. As with other Kinect games, this game will tire you out as well. But, it may also have to do with the fact that I was very fanatically in jumping up and down all the time (in order to make the car explode and get multipliers and all that). Occasionally, the jumps were not detected by Kinect, so then I needed a quick re-jump for the optimal crash. Luckily though, this was not as annoying as with the non-optimal detection with Leedmees (as the implications there are much worse with that game). What is important to note here is that you will keep on getting higher scores until you mastered the control system, and understand that blowing up buildings for instance is a good thing in this game.

So: easy to get into, hard to fully master, just like you would want form a Kinect game I suppose.


This game may not sound like much, and I think the Kinect version is mostly fun with a couple of friends. Beating high-scores is a major driver in the fun of this game, and it will mean a whole lot more if you get to beat a friend that just gave it his or her best effort… right? If it means anything to you, I was second in the top score list after the first day of GamesCom. Unfortunately, only first place was awarded a prize, so I guess one of you all took that prize.

Beyond the occasional non-detection of a jump (which did not happen that often), the game looked very ready for its 20th of September release on Xbox Live Arcade (800 MSP), even without a story to back it up the game should be fun for those competitive souls with friends and a Kinect sensor.


I did not tape my own efforts, but found this video to give a good show of this Kinect game, enjoy!